I. create a empty HelloCocos2dx project

use the cocos2dx template

II. setup CocosBuilder

  • create a CocosBuilder project called HelloCocos2dx
  • in CocosBuilder File->new File to create a Layer file HelloLayer
  • add a CCLabelTTF,make it center,in the property panel Code Connections section change Don't assign to Owner - -- var,and input txtHello,change Sample Text to "Hello From CocosBuilder"
  • add a CCMenu,and add a CCMenuItemImage to the CCMenu,in the CCMenuItemImage property panel CCMenuItem section,input onSayHello: for Selector field and change target to Owner,in the CCMenuItemImage section select a image for normal state.
  • in CocosBuilder File->Project Settings set Publish Directory to xcode project Resources/UI,uncheck all the checkbox,now publish

III. connect with code

  • create a cpp class called LayerHello


#ifndef __LayerHello__
#define __LayerHello__
#include "cocos2d.h"
#include "CCBMemberVariableAssigner.h"
#include "CCBSelectorResolver.h"
#include "CCLabelTTF.h"
class LayerHello : public cocos2d::CCLayer,public CCBMemberVariableAssigner,public CCBSelectorResolver
    public://================UI injections
    CCLabelTTF *txtHello;
    void onSayHello(CCObject *sender);

    virtual bool init();

    virtual bool onAssignCCBMemberVariable(CCObject * pTarget, cocos2d::CCString * pMemberVariableName, CCNode * pNode)
        CCB_MEMBERVARIABLEASSIGNER_GLUE(this,"txtHello", CCLabelTTF,txtHello);
        return false;
    virtual cocos2d::SEL_MenuHandler onResolveCCBCCMenuItemSelector(CCObject * pTarget, CCString * pSelectorName)
        return NULL;
    virtual cocos2d::extension::SEL_CCControlHandler onResolveCCBCCControlSelector(CCObject * pTarget, CCString * pSelectorName)
        return NULL;

#endif /* defined(__LayerHello__) */


#include "LayerIncActorInfo.h"
#include "CCBReader.h"
#include "CCNodeLoaderLibrary.h"

LayerHello:: LayerHello()
: txtHello(0)


bool LayerHello::init()
    bool bRet = false;
    CC_BREAK_IF(! CCLayer::init());

    CCNodeLoaderLibrary * ccNodeLoaderLibrary = CCNodeLoaderLibrary::sharedCCNodeLoaderLibrary();
    CCBReader * ccbReader = new CCBReader(ccNodeLoaderLibrary,this,this);
    CCNode * node = ccbReader->readNodeGraphFromFile("UI/", "HelloLayer.ccbi", this);

    bRet = true;
    } while (0);

    return bRet;

void LayerHello::onSayHello(CCObject *sender)
    txtHello->setString("Hello From Code");
  • add LayerHello to your scene,click run to test it
  • in you game,click the CCMenuItemImage,the label should change to "Hello From Code"

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23 September 2012